This THRILLING 75 minute, family-friendly, FUN-TASTIC experience features a Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Carnotaurus, Europe's LARGEST walking T Rex and the cutest Dinosaur Babies!


Bring your Dino-Mites to see the most magnificent beasts to ever roam our planet!

Joined by a zany Professor, an eccentric Doctor and a team of Rangers our Dinosaurs bring the Jurassic Era to life in this roar-some show. 

LAUGH, LEARN & ROAR alongside our crazy characters & REALISTIC DINOS in the UK's Original & Best Live Dinosaur Show!  * This is NOT an imitation! 

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A picture of spinosaurus with a ranger.
A picture of Zeus roaring at a ranger!

A Thrilling Interactive Family Show for Dino-Crazy Families!

JURASSIC EARTH Zeus Little Boy Stage cop

Combining entertainment with education, Jurassic Earth Live is family-friendly experience that brings these remarkable creatures to your local theatre, thrilling not just for the children in the audience, but for the adults too!

Prehistoric line-up includes:

Square Profile Zeus & Ranger Black with


The King of the Dinosaurs! Europe's largest walking T Rex Dinosaur! He is 3 years old, 22ft long and reaches 14ft high. Experience the loud ROAR of a life-size T Rex!

Square profile picture of triceratops.

TANK Triceratops

The gentlest Giant - get face to face with our humorous Herbivore! This impressive giant of an animal is 18ft long, 5ft wide and 8ft tall; and he weighs a tonne! 

Square Profile Raptor Pair orange.jpg


Richie & Rocky are our 2 cheeky Velociraptors who like to hunt in packs! At 6ft Tall and 17ft long they have to be handled carefully as their teeth are very sharp!

Square Profile Spinos black background.j


Spencer & Stevo are our 2 wild Spinos! Strong legs and muscular physiques make them one of the most powerful dinosaurs ever! Don’t let their crocodile-like smile fool you.....!

Square Profile Rex black.jpg

t-rex junior

Meet Rex, our Junior T Rex who has boundless energy and a fearsome roar! Rex is a life-size baby T Rex, only 7ft Tall and 16ft long and is the baby brother of Zeus!

Square Profile Baby Dinos Orange.jpg

baby dinos

These extraordinary new-borns are captivating! They are hungry for attention and not at all shy! They love to nibble fingers and take a good look around... be gentle with them!

Square Profile Ranger Training orange.jp


Have you got what it takes to be a Ranger?

Our chief ranger will teach your little dino-mites how to train wild dinosaurs and what to do in an emergency situation - a dinosaur break out!

Square Profile Bronto head black.jpg


The latest addition to Jurassic Earth is our gigantic herbivore Emily Bronty. At only 2 years old she is a whopping 26ft long reaching up to 15ft Tall!

N.B. Due to her size she won’t fit on every Stage, so if you particularly want to see her, please check the venue prior to booking!

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Created and Produced by the UK’s premier Dinosaur Hire company, Jurassic Earth has been a sell-out show from its very first performance and continues to be a hugely popular family attraction and a ROARING success!